Offerings and Cost

Sak Yant tattoos are an ancient ritual practice and when you get a Sak Yant  you are participating in an ancient tradition passed down from master to student. When you come to get your Sak Yant tattoo ChanTra asks that you bring the traditional set of offerings. If you cannot find these offerings, ChanTra can supply them for you, but it’s good to bring them yourself if you can. All of these items can be found at most local markets and there is a market next to the tattoo shop, so it is easy to find everything you will need.

Chan Tra offerings photo

Sak Yant Tattoo Offering

  • 5 Malu Leaves- Piper betele leaves. Large fresh green leaves used in chewing betel nut. 
  • 5  Slar- Betel Nuts- Areca catechu
  • 5 Cigarettes- These can be the traditional tobacco cigarettes or modern filtered ones. 
  • 5 Incense Sticks- You can also just give a whole package.
  • 5 Candles- Yellow candles are best, any size is fine.
  • Money Offering- This will be whatever amount you and ChanTra agree upon for your design. See below for typical price ranges.

Blessing Ceremony

Every Sak Yant includes a blessing ceremony where your tattoo is empowered and awakened to it’s full power and purpose. This can be done after your tattoo and takes about 30 minutes. 

Alternatively if you are interested in experiencing the full Sak Yant tradition and will be in Phnom Penh for the weekly Buddha day, ChanTra can also give you a elaborate Sak Yant blessing. Virtuous and sacred activities are considered to be more powerful and effective on Buddha days. If this will not work for you, ChanTra can give you a Sak Yant blessing at the time of your tattoo.


A typical money offering for a Sak Yant tattoo will vary by the design, time and size. Cost includes the tattoo and the Sak Yant blessing. 

Come in, call, text, or send a Facebook message and discuss your tattoo with ChanTra. 


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